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"I am a Sydney based photographer passionate about capturing nature, particularly seascapes and landscapes.

I grew up in Wellington New Zealand before moving to live in Australia.


By profession I worked as a Cartographer with experience in design and proposals for a number of international exploration companies on projects in minerals and oil exploration. The required attention to detail and exposure to the environment has influenced me in my appreciation of the beauty I seek to portray in the world which I see with my camera.


My photography has many layers that creates a journey of exploration of time and place to capture a unique moment that reveals the beauty of the scene I wish to capture.


I endeavour to portray what I feel, or perhaps what I think at that moment when selecting a particular scene to capture and have it reflect on the uniqueness of the image. It is important to me to have my creation reveal a moment in time that I am able to share."

Cushla Monk

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